Sunday, June 12, 2011

ELF haul + Aloe Vera

Hi all,

Today I want to show you my small haul from ELF.

From left to right, from top to bottom: I got 3 nail polishes, €1/$1 each in mint cream, royal purple, and red velvet. When applied it looks shiny, but it dries matte :( I don't like matte polishes. To make it shiny, I use a top coat.

I also got the ELF STUDIO small angled brush and precision brush. These brushes are so soft and I can draw precise lines with it. I use these brushes with my MAC fluidline. The quality of the brush is OK, especially if it's only €3.50/$3 a brush! After a year use, the brush will look like this:

The ELF matte lip color in tea rose makes my lips hydrated, but I don't really like the color... Sometimes I use this product with lipgloss on top of it.

ELF is actually not my favorite brand of cosmetics, but it's so cheap that it's worth the try! ;)

Last week, I hated how my skin looked. But now, it's becoming better and better ^_^ Yeah!! Aloe Vera and Laneige white plus renew essence to the RESCUE! Aloe Vera really does wonders for skin problems, like acne and acne scars. This plant has lots of healing purposes. So if you have skin problems, get yourself an Aloe Vera plant and apply the pure Aloe Vera gel on your skin. I apply it before I sleep and wash it off the next day. And sometimes during the day I rub a little bit of this gel over the problem areas. The next day my skin feels really soft and smooth and the little bumps on my face disappeared. After  2-3 days I started to see some real results. The acne scars started to fade (became lighter) and the "fresh" acne became smaller or disappeared.

I think my skin problems started due to stress and use of BB creams. BB creams are so not good for my skin, it's awful. I wanted BB creams to work for me so badly, that I kept using it (even though knowing that it might not be good for my skin). If I use the stupid product every day, my skin becomes so dehydrated and after the 3rd day I start to break out. When applying BB cream, my skin looks so nice... sigh. The best thing for my skin, is to not apply BB cream or foundation at all! I use a tinted moisturizer now :)

To all my lovely readers (with bad skin problems), I recommend Aloe Vera and I hope that my experience with this plant has convinced you in buying this plant.

With love,


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  1. elf nail polish is look interesting color...