Sunday, February 13, 2011

Urban Decay 24/7

Dear readers,

Sorry for not updating regularly... I was too busy watching K-dramas! Hahaha ^_^ I hate it when not all episodes are available, then I have to wait and wait just for one more episode.. and this goes on every week :( Lately I've been following two series: My princess and Dream High. I recommend both dramas ;) Hotties alert hihi

Guess what I got?! URBAN DECAY 24/7 EYELINERS! YEAHHHH straight from the US of A! It's one of their limited editions and it's cheap. One eyeliner is about $17, but this set has 15 eyeliners for just $90! I recommend those eyeliners, so if you can still catch this set buy it ;) These eyeliners are really good, it glides on very easily. Most pencil eyeliners are so rough, but these are soft.
A really nice set, so happy ~~
I've used 3 to 4 eyeliners so far :P I'm gonna experiment with all of them. On the picture below I forgot what color I used on the lower lash line
24/7 eyeliner in Ransom on upper lash line

As you might see, I've used falsies. I love falsies! It creates an eye-opener effect. There are two ways to put falsies on: above lashes or under your upper lash line... yeah it sounds weird. But if you put it under your upper lash line, it looks like you don't have falsies on at all! Be sure it's handmade though :P I'll show you what it looks like in a future post. I've ordered Princess Lee lashes last week, so I hope I'll get them soon. Once I have them, I'll post pictures with falsies UNDER my upper lash line! Look out for it ;)

One last thing... love Taecyeon! Love 2PM <3


  1. great blog Viv, maybe you should upload a video to show us how to apply the lashes!

  2. Your eyeliner looks really cute!! The color compliments your eyes really well!!


  3. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming! Have you ever used the individual lashes? I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!