Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Laneige skincare products

Ever wondered why all those Korean (celebs) have beautiful skin?? Their skin looks so beautiful and glowy. It's true that they are effing good at makeup, but part of it is really good skincare and drinking lots of water.

I liked Song Hye Gyo in Full House (ft. Rain) so much that I started googling her. She is the face of Laneige and through her I found out about this Korean brand. She looks so naturally beautiful (I'm not sure if she went through plastic surgery though).  I bought my first Laneige products about 2 years ago via SaSa and Daybeauty. Every time my family or friends go to Hong Kong or Taiwan, I ask them to get me Laneige products as a present ;) Laneige is much cheaper in Korea...

Water Bank Eye Gel. This product is so refreshing and keeps the skin around my eyes really soft and it makes it look less tired. The texture is gel-like and my skin absorbs it quickly and more importantly it's not oily at all. It's a good base for eye makeup.
Water Bank Eye Gel
Water Bank Gel Cream. The moisturizer of the Water Bank line is only good for the Summer, in the Winter it's not moisturizing enough for me. They have two types, one for dry skin and one for combination skin. I use the combination one, because my t-zone is a little bit oilier than the rest of my face.
Water Bank Gel Cream
Hydro Solution. During Winter I use the Hydro Solution Cream (only at night time). It's creamy and "thick" enough for my skin. When I wake up the next morning, it doesn't feel oily at all.
Hydra Solution Cream
Laneige's moisturizers are all good, it doesn't break me out and it gives me a healthy glow (I like). Their packaging looks nice and it's not really expensive, except for the Perfect Renew line. I don't think that the more expensive a product is, the better. I like to switch from moisturizer to moisturizer, as I'm afraid that my skin will get attached to one product if I use it for too long. Currently I use Olay (daytime) and L'Oréal (nighttime), after finishing the products I'm going to use Laneige again.  So yeah, I switch from time to time.

Water Sleeping Pack. Once a week I use Laneige's water sleeping pack. It's like a mask for sleeping. I apply it on my face before I go to sleep, the next day I wash it off and my skin feels baby soft. If I use this product when I have a pimple, it's almost gone the next day ;) 
Water Sleeping Pack
I have also tried Laneige's Star White Emulsion and my skin reacted not so well, I got little bumps. So I immediately stopped using it. I don't know why I even tried it, I don't want to be super white. A little tan is nice :) Although the Star White line wasn't good for my skin, I do recommend their Water Bank and Hydra Solution line. If you want soft and beautiful skin try one of their skincare lines, but don't forget to wear makeup with SPF in it. 

Tell me what your favorite skincare products are, let's share and help each other to achieve beautiful skin ^_^


  1. My fav brand is Missha! I love korean skincare brands since all the people look so pretty over there =P I've been using Missha products for a few years now and my skin has never been better =)

  2. Does it have SPF? Some moisturizers make my skin oily, I want to avoid those kind of moisturizers :)

  3. I've been wanting to try Laneige products! Thanks for the reviews :)