Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Korean cuisine

Hi all,

I've been wanting to share this post with ya'll, but I didn't have the time for it and when I did have the time for it I wasn't in the mood. Now, I'm ill and blogging from my bed. What's better than staying in bed with my Mac? ^_*

I love food, I love delicious food, I love love love food. Did I say that I love food? I love food and Korean cuisine is one of my favorites! I'm always in for Korean food and sometimes I cook Korean myself. Yes, I do cook.. for the people that don't know this part about me... :P My biggest recipe sources are Maangchi and Aeri Lee. Cooking is fun and I'm willing to put effort in it in order to eat delicious food. The downside of cooking is that with some dishes it takes a long time to prepare, but eating it only takes 5 minutes...

My favorite dishes:
Haemul Pajeon - 해물파전
This is sort of a Korean pancake with seafood. 
Bulgogi - 불고기
BBQ marinated beef, it tastes sweet and you can eat this with rice or wrap it in lettuce. 
Skewered beef - 산적
As the same says it, skewered beef. I've put crab sticks, beef, and green onions in it. After cooking the beef, I've put everything on a stick and dipped it in flour and then with egg before frying it.
Bibimbap - 비빔밥
I remember Rain (in Full house) saying that this is dog food to Song Hye Kyo, LOL. Anywayz, it tastes good.

There are more dishes I'd like to taste and share, but these are all the pictures I made myself. I could have plucked it from the Internet, but then it wouldn't be my pictures and it wouldn't be my "experience".

After reading this post and watching the pictures, do you crave for food now? Hahaha At least, I am! So what are your favorite dishes?


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