Thursday, January 20, 2011

A suit for formal events

I haven't been blogging for over 10 days. I'd like to blog at least once a week, but this time I couldn't keep it up due to the heavy workload of school! I haven't been sleeping well, I go to bed really late and need to get up really early :( And on top of that, I feel it's difficult to fall asleep lately. I takes me a few hours to fall asleep and I can't sleep for long. My rhythm is disturbed... sigh.. I sacrifice sleep for school! Now I have a few days off to rest, but it isn't really even relaxing since I got a birthday party and other things I need to do :( Ok, enough self-pity! Let's go on to the things I really want to share ^_^

Yesterday I went shopping for a suit, since I got a presentation today. I don't like suits, but I thought I might invest in a suit because I'll need it for other formal events. So, I really wanted to buy a (pencil)skirt but I couldn't find one in my size! Buying shirts, blouses, tops is never a problem, but buying the right pair of jeans, pants or skirt is so difficult!! I don't want to spend too much money on just jeans, but I have to as jeans from cheap brands never fit me. So yesterday I saw a nice skirt to wear for today's presentation. I went to the fitting room, and the skirt was just too big (even though it was in size XS) o_O Do they really think that all people have big hips?? I can only resort to Asia or high-end brands. My waist is about 25.5 inch, size 00/0, sometimes size XS/S, UK 6-8, or 34. I'm just not fit to buy pants or skirts in Holland. All the Dutch girls are so big, or you can just say that I'm so small haha. I don't feel small, I'm about 5.2/3. However, when I stand next to a Dutch girl I feel really small! Anywayz, who recognizes my problem? Any solutions for finding the perfect pants or skirt for a good price? :) Without resorting to Asia?

While shopping for a suit, which was a total disaster, I ended up buying a nice vest with a small belt. I hope you can see it on the picture below. This picture was taken with an iPhone. Although, I didn't wear a suit, I sill think I look good haha!

This picture was taken after I did the presentation and I think it went quite well. I passed the course *yeah*.

I have so much more things to share, but I'll save it for next time. Remember to come back ;)

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