Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I got NAKED!

It's so cold here in Holland and for the past few days we had ugly weather. It was so grey, but today the sun is shining ^_^

The day before Christmas I slipped :( and got a sprained ankle!! It hurt so much that I couldn't sleep. After Christmas I still couldn't walk and I had to hop from here to there... So two days after Christmas, Sephora called me to say that the Urban Decay NAKED palettes have arrived and that I have to get mine within 5 days or else they would sell it to another person. I was like... WHAT!!! I have a effing sprained ankle, how the ef am I going to get it? It's so hard to get the Naked palette, you have to be on a list to have a chance to get it. I wanted to be on that list and the SA at first didn't want to put me on that list and I was like.. noooo and pulled a sad face, and yep.. it worked. She put me on this huge list with lots of names and phone numbers haha :) So after the Sephora SA hung up, I went through my contact list and asked every girlfriend if they had time to get the palette for me. It was horrible, I so wanted to get it myself but I couldn't walk. Lucky me, my friend got it for me ^_^ YES YES, many thnxxxxxx :)

So here is my palette.... Tada...
A beauty isn't it? ;) I don't have to swatch this for you readers, because lots of makeup gurus have the swatches for you. Google for it.

Today was the first day I used this palette and I must say it's really pigmented and I think the UD eyeshadow primer potion makes the colors more intense. The 24/7 eyeliner that comes with the palette works really well too, it glides on very easily. I'm gonna buy the full-sized 24/7 glide-on eyeliners.
It's nicely golden ;)

Grandma bought me these earrings, they match with my golden eyeshadow.

Until next time..


  1. Wooh you got the palette!! Nice pics and love yur blog :)

  2. Gah! I seriously want to buy this palette - I love love the subtle shimmer. It looks amazing on you!! :)