Saturday, January 8, 2011

From just moisturizer to foundation

The first time I used foundation was when I was 20 years old. And it wasn't even "foundation" foundation, it was mineral foundation. So the first foundation I used was from Everyday Minerals. One day a friend gave me samples of EDM to try them out, and I did. I was such a noob on this area. If it wasn't for her (yeah you know who you are :P), I probably would have never used foundation as I was lucky enough to have almost perfect skin (no joke!). After trying out those mini samples from EDM, I decided to buy the full-sized foundation along with the soft brushes. I don't like heavy foundation, so EDM was perfect as it gives a sheer to semi-coverage.

One year later, I broke out very badly :(  I didn't know what was happening to my skin, all I know is that I was so stressed due to my skin! I felt insecure and I didn't even want to leave the house.. haha yeah it was that bad! My forehead was full of ugly zits. I think the cause of this is the moisturizer I used from the Body Shop (I'm never ever going back for skincare products). Others say it's normal to break out around your 20th, I don't know exactly what the cause is but I keep it to the moisturizer. I just needed lots of sun and the lovely shining sun helped my skin a lot :) In order to cover those ugly zits, I tried Missha's BB cream. On the package it says that it: makes your skin tone clean and natural by concealing blemishes with excellent skin coverage. It is a multi functional makeup cream with blocking UV rays, whitening and wrinkle care effects and simplifies makeup formalities". 
This product is really not my favorite, it makes me so white and it was bad for my zits. I hate using BB cream, because you have to clean your face really really well. You need to be 100% sure that there's no BB cream on your face left or else it will cause you skin troubles.

After my skin got better (it was after my vacation on an island in Greece), I wanted to try a new foundation. It took me like 6 months to find a new foundation, in the meantime I used EDM. After 6 months I tried the DIORSKIN Forever Compact. 

Nice foundation, sheer coverage, and moisturizes my skin. 

When I'm on vacation I'm too lazy to wear any makeup. I usually skip foundation :) feels so good. After my vacation in California, I tried Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. 
The downside of this product is that it makes my skin oily after 4 hrs, but it gives you an even skin tone and has very very sheer coverage. For me this product was a substitute for foundation. I think I'll try the oil free tinted moisturizer in the near future. Has anyone used Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizers before? If yes, let me know what you think of the product ;)

Since my vacation in California, I haven't been using foundation anymore. Ok, to be honest I use foundation every now and then. But most of the time I go without foundation and I love it. However, I like to try out Diorskin Nude Natural Fresh Powder...
What is your favorite foundation?


  1. EDM was my fav foundation for 3 years! But now I have found my true love: MAC Face and Body foundation!! It matches my skintone perfectly! It's so light, moisturizing and natural.

  2. I currently use EveryDay minerals. IT is not that bad, but i have a hard time finding a perfect match. I also have a few BB creams, and since i clean my face well, i dont think it has caused trouble, but i only use them when i breakout.

    I want to try the LM Tinted moisturizer, but i need more coverage than that. my skin is not perfect, and i breakout often due to stress and hormones.

    ugh, it is so frustrating to find a good foundation. I am sticking with EDM but i am also in the process of finding more mineral on Etsy. Something not too commercial based =)

  3. I also like mineral foundations, that's why I want to try Diorskin nude ;)
    Do you mix different shades to get a match with your skintone?

  4. it's always so hard to find the perfect foundation! right now, i use urban decay, but apply it really lightly because it can get kind of cakey. i also use tarina tarantino's powder because it's really sheer.

    i'm always testing out new ones though because i haven't found one i'm in love with yet!


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